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Personal Readings

During a private reading, Diane will connect you with loved ones
who have crossed over.
In addition she will give you
intuitive guidance which will be
useful in your current circumstances.

I choose to be open & willing to

let my intuition guide me.

As humans, we all have a Divine

birthright to Connect with God.

As a Psychic, I allow myself to connect with Spirit, Angels, Arch Angels & Guides.

As a Medium, I am blessed to be able to Share and Connect with loved ones who have crossed over.

“My life is wonderful and I have a story of how I got to this place unlike any other, just as yours is!”

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 Inspirational Speaker and Self Empowerment Consultant Bonnie Wirth,

on Empower Radio. 

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About a Blue Angel 

"Balancing a typical life as a housewife with a hardworking husband and three small children, Diane Quartly had no idea how dramatically her life would change and the path where these changes would ultimately lead her. This is an autobiographical story of her life, her challenges with a child who had a rare genetic disease and a shocking tragedy no one expected. Then, through Diane's determined quest for answers, her story takes a surprising turn into the spiritual and metaphysical realm where she is guided to the most amazing transformation and discoveries of all. Her story is inspiring and genuinely uplifting, providing a message of encouragement and solace for anyone dealing with the loss of a loved one."

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Marble Surface
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Amazing, Diane is so graceful with delivering the messages I needed to hear from my father and my spouse. It has given me a lot to process and has helped bring me a lot of understanding and peace. Her gifts are shared so beautifully, I will be reaching out to her again. Thank you, Diane!

- Heidi 

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