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Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Be GENTLE with yourself when things aren't going your way. When you feel out of control, find some way of stopping the fast forward movement of what is going wrong. The easiest way to do this is to try to find something that feels better to focus your attention upon.

We, as a collective society, have an OPPORTUNITY, right now, to take a look at our lives from a different vantage point. We have an opportunity to slow things down a bit and to focus on the important wants and NEEDS in our lives.

We may have loss and we may have to shift our specific ways of life, but we are fortunate that we have the resources and really, an overall abundance to carry us through. We have friends and family to turn to if needed and for those who don't, we have an opportunity for COMMUNITY to take care of its own.The earth will always balance itself, in ways we cannot comprehend or even imagine. It will heal and evolve as required and we, as inhabitants will EVOLVE and LEARN and GROW. Take care of you; take care of each other and be GENTLE moving forward.

Diane Quartly

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