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A need for change...

I truly believe that so many people in our world were disliking their lives, so many were FEELING like victims and so, as always, with the Law of Attraction, we were given more to dislike and more to became victims of.

The great thing with this law, and it is a Law, always, in good and bad, it never varies... the great thing with this Law is that WE have the means and control to change it as we ultimately have control over our THOUGHTS and our EMOTIONS and our REACTIONS to everything in our experience!

We WILL see a SHIFT and things will get better! How do I know? Because I see people shifting. I see people who were feeling sorry for themselves now reaching out to help others. I see a community come together to help each other and give SUPPORT and guidance. I see posts about WELLNESS and family time/ healthy activities and less about picking political fights (although there are still a few). I see people applauding the work of the helpers. I see pictures of families playing!

All of these shifts will BALANCE the world. I choose to ignore the ignorance and focus on the good, for the sake of balancing our energy towards love and solutions even quicker!

A need for change has been called in by the collective consciousness because of fear in the world and now, we will witness a call by the collective consciousness for more LOVE in the world! - Diane Quartly

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