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About Me 

I was 31 years old the day my son died.

 I was in the room, standing beside my son as his soul left his body.

I saw as it lifted and rose from his body and virtually dissipated into the air… it was because of that experience that I was able to comprehend the difference between the physical body and the energy of our soul.

In the days and weeks following his transition, what I found out, was that I possessed, within me,  the resilience to survive one of the most horrific events, the strength to move through a barrage of emotions and the courage to find a new way to live without my son in my physical life.

I grieved my son’s death, I healed from the trauma, I studied and I learned the language of life after death and I looked for more signs of his continued Spiritual existence, every day.


Today, I am the best -selling author of About A Blue Angel, the book I wrote for my 2 living sons; I am a working Psychic Medium. I do readings, host workshops and I teach others how to be resilient in their grief and to find the strength and courage to live life after the death of a loved one.


I was married in 1989 to my wonderful husband Arlen and am happy to say he remains my very best friend to this day. Arlen is a fantastic dad and my greatest supporter. He is both witty and kind and has the best laugh ever!

We own our own businesses which allow me the freedom to do the Energy work I love.  We have 4 amazing children, two sons here on earth, one in heaven and a daughter-in-law. We have one grandson, who literally, the moment he took his first breath, became the most important person in our lives.

I live in the amazing country of Canada and was born and raised in a small town in Northern Alberta called High Prairie.

I am fortunate to have many of my family live in the same community, but being an Energy Interpreter, it doesn’t matter where they live, they are always just a thought away!

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