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Your Journey

You can ASK for all the things you want in life; you can DREAM and DECIDE what it is you really want and the Universe or God will give it to you, but if you don't MOVE to accept it, you will not experience it! Imagine shopping online... searching for and gathering things you like, things you WANT, putting them in your cart, paying for them and putting your address in so that they are delivered right to your door and then never opening your door to RECEIVE them! They arrive, but you are too busy sitting in your house feeling sorry for yourself or deciding that "they probably won't show up anyway" because "nothing ever works out for me" or "they'll probably get lost or sent to the wrong address" so why even look... sounds silly right? So why question the POWER of God, why question the power of Source or Creator or the Universe in sending you what you've ASKED for? Do not waste time being negative or dysfunctional... FUNCTION! Move! DO something and let Source energy INSPIRE you and show you the next step! Have faith and ANTICIPATE and ENJOY the journey. - Diane Quartly

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