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Wanting and Recieving

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

So often, during private readings, people ask me why their deceased loved ones have not left them any signs, why they do not feel them around or they wonder why they have not visited them in dreams. The answer is always the same… they have!

You cannot be in the energy of WANTING and the energy of RECEIVING at the same time, ever! In order to receive messages, you have to ALLOW your energy to move away from wanting.

A few days ago, I did a reading for a lady who was surprised that her mother had come through so strongly. She told me that she had RECEIVED a dream visit from her father years ago, after her father had passed, but she was concerned because she had WANTED to receive a visit from her now deceased mother and… nothing. We were about half way through her reading when she told me this, so, I asked her mother why she had not visited or left signs; her mother, of course, said “I do visit and I have left signs”. I asked for an example and her mother told me “the flower petals”. The lady took only a moment to realize that there was a particular hanging plant in her house that always seemed to have flower petals falling. It was not a plant that usually did this, but lately it had been happening every time she walked by!

I love this! It is something out of the ordinary and it was very personal to her. Her mother had tried several ways to interact with her, but she was missing the signs because she was looking for something in particular, a dream, just like she had with her father. Signs come in so, so many ways, typical and generic or wonderful and unique.

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