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We create our reality

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

We create our living reality by using our thoughts to figure out what it is we WANT and what it is we do not want. Our intuition is what GUIDES us forward to making our creation a REALITY in this lifetime. What we EXPERIENCE in life causes us to ask for something else or to wish for something else and often, our experiences show us what we do not want or what we wish we did not have. By being AWARE of what it is we do not want our minds become that much more clear about what we DO want. The work after that is to ALLOW our intuition to guide us. Our Soul, our Spirit will always call us forward onto the right and perfect path, but it is up to YOU to let yourself be guided. You can do this best by enjoying life; by being in tune with the best feelings which will ultimately lead you to more and more "best feelings". -Diane Quartly

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