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Take Responsibility

100% of those that are mean are mean because they are insecure! The reasons they are insecure can vary; can be from any moment in time or many moments, but it is always an insecurity. 100% of their insecure moments come from a place of fear at its core; fear of being wrong, fear of being judged, fear of retribution, fear of unworthiness, fear of being caught, fear of being misunderstood, fear of not being liked or LOVED... Understanding where their anger and meanness comes from may not make you feel better as the target of their aggression, but by understanding that it is them and not you that is creating the mean action may be all you need to HEAL and move away. It really is them and their journey, YOUR journey and how YOU react to their journey is totally up to you! It is not up to you to take responsibility for their action, ever, do not take responsibility for their actions, their meanness, but DO take responsibility for YOUR actions and YOUR reaction.

- Diane Quartly

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