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Stop Saying That!

Take a moment to think about something you say "all the time". I need to lose weight. I never have enough money. I hate my job. Why does everything bad happen to me? I have no energy... Now, STOP SAYING THAT! Do you realize that what you believe is what IS. Do you realize that what we think, we become. Law of attraction brings you whatever you are focused on and the Universe gives you what you focus on, so think about that. Try changing the dialogue ... just pretend if you must... My weight is good. I have enough money. My job is ok. I love when GOOD things happen to me. I have energy. See what happens as you start to reset and rethink. What do you have to lose? Nothing! What do you have to gain? A Life filled with joy and contentment, self respect and self love. What do you have to gain? Everything.

- Diane Quartly

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