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Shut Up and Listen!

We sometimes get in the habit of wanting, of asking, of praying for guidance about some issue or situation in our lives and that's a good thing. It's a good thing to know what it is that you want. In verbalizing or thinking about what it is that we want, it can help us to figure out exactly what it is that we desire; so we ask and we pray. The problem is that sometimes we get so good at ASKING for what we want that we forget to LISTEN for the answer! We get so caught up in the asking, we get so caught up in wanting, that we never RECEIVE. The ENERGY of wanting and the energy of receiving are two totally different energies! You cannot receive what you want if you continually hold yourself in a wanting energy! It's like asking a friend for their opinion and then turning around to ask another for their opinion and then turning to ask yet another for their opinion without ever stopping to listen to the ANSWER! The same goes for signs, you cannot continually ASK for a sign from a loved one and expect to RECEIVE the sign. God, our loved ones, our angels, our INNER BEING is constantly guiding us, they are constantly sending us thoughts and they are constantly sending us direction; our inner beings are constantly talking to us, communicating with us... sometimes though, you have to SHUT UP and LISTEN in order to receive! - Diane Quartly

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