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Our Environment

Our environment and the DECISIONS we make go hand in hand to DETERMINE what vibration WE are living with every moment of every day. Every decision we make, because of our environment adds to or CREATES the frequency of our vibration. When YOU decide to engage in an argument, it determines your vibrational energy... when YOU decide to engage in a happy activity, it determines your vibrational energy...when you decide to be happy or sad or angry or stubborn, YOU are creating your energetic field or vibration. The good news is that because you are responsible for YOUR thoughts, you can change your vibration simply by CHOOSING a different thought! Choose wisely, choose those thoughts and activities that make you HAPPY. Even in situations where your environment is less than a happy place, you can DECIDE to find a thought that feels good. It's always YOUR choice! Today, I choose to pick happy thoughts! - Diane Quartly

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