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What Vibrational State Are You In

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

When you are asking for something, you are in a state of wanting. You are wishing for or hoping for something you do not have. Because we are part of Source energy, because we are connected to everything in the world, we actually HAVE everything that we want, we actually have ACCESS to everything that we want. By BEING in a state or vibration of wanting, you are holding your vibration from receiving! It is perfectly well and great even to want things in your life, there is nothing at all wrong with wanting things, however, you have to shift your energy into a place of receiving or expectation to receive. It is also important not to direct God or Source energy how to give it to us.

Arlen and I were traveling to GP a few days ago, we were talking about some work that Arlen had been trying to get for a long time. This work just suddenly came to us. Now, the reason I say suddenly is because he had been wanting this work, he had been working on getting this work for about a year and it wasn’t coming, however, he was shocked to get it now because he had just recently decided that there was no way he was getting it. He felt that he had gone as far as he could with the company personnel and was not getting anywhere. Not 2 weeks after he decided that it was impossible to get and he might as well just let it go, the company sold and the people hauling those wells decided they did not want to do the work. He didn’t even have to outbid or take the work from anyone else. He did not have to wait for the other company to do a bad job and get fired. He just had to receive the call. Now, the work was done. They called us because he had been talking to the operators, so they knew who we were. He had put in previous bids, so they knew our company was interested in doing the work, he did the work and then he moved himself into a place of receiving simply by letting go of the vibration of WANTING. He just let it go.

Then, he turned to me and said ” I want Tims in Valleyview, does that mean I have to not want it in order to get it?” I laughed at that, because I knew he was joking, but we discussed why that was different and the truth is, we EXPECTED to be able to get Tims. We did not sit in the energy of fear of not getting it. We did not say, “I really want Tims, but someone else will have to do without it in order for us to have it”. We did not say, “I want Tims, but I probably won’t get it.” We did not think, “I really want Tims, but nothing ever goes my way, so I won’t be able to have it”. We fully expected to be WORTHY of receiving it. We fully expected to be able to get a Tims; its that easy!

There we are… Try to think of things that you want like ordering from Tims! Remember that there is a Tims almost everywhere you go. It is accessible to each one of us, regardless of whether we are black or white, rich or poor, thick or thin! WANT it, do the WORK to move towards it and pick it up! Once you have it, ENJOY it and do not forget to pay – by being GRATEFUL!

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