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Moving Forward

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Who you were 10 years ago is not who you are now. Who you were 10 days ago is not who you are now. Who you WERE 10 minutes ago is not who you are NOW. What YOU thought of your life, your experiences and the reactions you HAD no longer exist in the same way. You cannot go back. You cannot see things exactly as you once did, it is not possible... your PERSPECTIVE has changed.

To put this in perspective from MY perspective...

I lost my son tragically 20 years ago. At that time, I couldn't breathe without his name on every breath. 10 years ago, I found full days where I did not hurt from his passing. 10 months ago, I found that I went through another full day without thinking about him. The first time that happened, the very first time I realized that I went a day without thinking of my son, I berated myself. I was so sad. I was horrified that I had "forgotten" about him. I felt guilt like never before...luckily, I have PRACTICED and honed my skill as a Medium and so, I sat in silence and I spoke to my son. He told me that he was so HAPPY that I had not thought of him that day. He told me that his JOY was GREAT because I had CHOSE to let go of part of my "habit" of grief. That I had let go of an emotional part of me that was slowing down the FULLNESS of who I was BECOMING.

Since then, I have come to realize that he was right, of course. I cannot stop "becoming" I cannot stop my life from moving FORWARD and transforming, so, I may as well decide to do it in a way that honors and makes my son feel joy... by feeling joy in MY life NOW, as much as I possibly can!

You are not the person you were, your perspective of how you react to your memories and how you carry them with you now is a CHOICE based on your focus, every moment. Our past and all of the experiences of it made us who we are today, but who we BECOME from THIS moment on, is up to us and the thoughts, feelings, and emotions we choose to FOCUS upon. Do them a favor, do yourself a favor and choose good THOUGHTS, good FEELINGS, and good EMOTIONS to focus your attention on; YOUR life depends on it!

Diane Quartly

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