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Do you realize how hard it is to get to a perfectly positive place, a perfectly POSITIVE mindset from a perfectly negative mindset? Think about it, have you ever seen a person go from rage to laughter in a split second? Not likely, however, you may have witnessed someone MOVE from rage to anger to frustration, to sadness to defeat and then to relief to boredom to contentment to hope to belief to expectation and then JOY and laughter. It may even happen quickly but don't set yourself up for failure by EXPECTING your emotions to change before YOU are READY. You have to ALLOW yourself to vibrationally MOVE from one place to another, from one emotion to another. This happens solely from where YOU choose to FOCUS your attention. The time it takes depends on each individual circumstance and experience, however, it is up to YOU, it is your responsibility to yourself, YOUR soul to MOVE. It is up to YOU to shift your focus FORWARD to IMPROVE your emotion, not one other person is responsible for this action, only you, regardless of the situation or experience. We are Energy and energy is in constant motion, which way our energy MOVES is ultimately up to us each individually, by the choices WE make and what WE choose to focus upon. Which way will YOU choose to move today? What thoughts and FEELINGS and emotions will YOU CHOOSE to focus upon? It really is totally up to you!

- Diane Quartly

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