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Updated: Jul 10, 2019

We did not come into this lifetime to meditate in order to go to a place of nothing or NO thought, we came here to think, to LOVE, to CREATE, to ENJOY and to experience life. The benefit of meditation is to get you to a place of not thinking about the things that bother you so that you CAN think about the things that inspire you. You DON'T have to WORK to let go of all of your negative thoughts so that you can focus on the positive, you just have to focus on the positive; by doing that, you automatically redirect your thoughts from the negative. So, meditate to quiet your mind from the constant chatter about what is wrong or uncomfortable in your life and then from there, start thinking about what you DO want in your life and then take ACTION to move towards it. As you move towards something positive, you automatically move away from the negative. You can’t feel positive and negative at the same time.

Diane Quartly

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