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Here and Now

You cannot go back. You cannot undo what has already been done. All you have is HERE and NOW. Karma, reconciliation, making things right in YOUR mind is just that... making the thoughts that YOU have about the past change and SHIFT so that they no longer affect your now and your future going forward. There is great value in karma, there is great value in reconciliation, there is great value in shifting the THOUGHT because the change comes when energy is moved, when a NEW vibration is realized. Karma is to level out, shift and change from what was to what now is, to BALANCE the energy; reconciliation is to level out, shift and change from what was to what now IS, to balance the energy and that comes from your thoughts around it first, not your action. Your thoughts about a particular subject CREATE the action moving forward, so it is imperative that your thoughts contain positive ACTION. If you truly desire to reconcile a situation, if you truly desire to right a perceived wrong, then you must be willing to let go of the old thoughts about what was and create NEW, wonderful, positive thoughts now and moving forward. Choose your thoughts about what IS and you will CREATE a reconciled and positive future, it really is up to you individually how you let your past affect you NOW! - Diane Quartly

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