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Focus Yourself

I feel good right now. I did not feel so good this morning as I made my way through so much dissension on FB, but I decided to live my life on purpose. I DECIDED to choose what I engaged in. I DECIDED to focus my attention on what felt good and right. I CHOSE to look for something else to focus on. It was easy... I thought about the lovely home we've made. I thought about my family, the ones I love. I thought about spending time with my friends. I thought about my health and the choices I've made to build the life I have... it was easy to focus there. I did not push back on what was bothering me, I simply chose to focus FORWARD on what I am grateful for... it was easy, it felt good. LIVE your life on purpose today! If a day seems to difficult too consider, then live your next few minutes on purpose, choose your next good thought, and the next, and the next... Have a great day, I INTEND to!

- Diane Quartly

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