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Have you ever had an idea that made you really excited? Have you ever had an idea that seemed to take on a life of its own and get bigger and bigger and even more exciting once you allowed yourself to think about it? We all have. At one time or another, an idea popped into your head and as you thought about it, you could feel excitement build and as you kept thinking about it, the idea became better and even better and then... doubt, anxiety, worry or self destructive thoughts began to wiggle their way into your brain and all of a sudden, you've talked yourself out of doing that thing that was making you so EXCITED. How sad is that? Would you do that to a friend that was telling you about something they were excited about doing? Sadly, some people do crush ideas their friends tell them about, but for the most part, we UPLIFT each other, we jump on the bandwagon and get EXCITED for them, encouraging and supporting them. Do that! Do that for them and please, please DO that for yourself! Don't talk yourself out of the next big idea or even the next small idea. Let the excitement move forward, let positive thought and INSPIRATION carry the momentum forward, talk yourself INTO it!! Great and wonderful experiences begin with a simple thought. New jobs, new careers, new trips and events, workshops, courses, concerts, inventions, books, movies, families and relationships, EVERY experience we have in our lives begin with a thought that we ALLOW to become a reality! Don't hold yourself back! Stop talking yourself out of the next idea! What are you thinking about? What thoughts are leading to your next inspiration? Get EXCITED, allow yourself to THINK and to dream and to create a wonderful REALITY! It's your life, it's your choice, it's your responsibility and it's YOUR experience! - Diane Quartly

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