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Asking and Receiving

I'm always telling my meditation classes that you cannot ASK and RECEIVE at the same time, once you ask a question you have to QUIET your mind long enough to HEAR the answer. So often, we pray for answers to problems in our lives... we ask for things... and we pray... and we ask, and then we pray and we ask, but we forget to LISTEN! We forget to listen for the ANSWER. That is why meditation works so well; it gives you an opportunity to listen for an answer to your questions, or in the very least, it stops you from the continuation of asking. It gives you an opportunity to LISTEN for a thought or an INSPIRATION and that thought or inspiration can then lead you to an answer. Ask all you want, God is willing to give you the answers, Source is always ready to give you what you truly want, ALWAYS, there is no holding back of solutions to any problem; there is no holding back of any experience... Source is never too busy to answer, however, if you are not listening, YOU are holding yourself apart from what is given. Because you don't listen, because you are not open to receiving, does not mean the answers are not given; it only means you have missed them. The good news is that God does not give up on you and will FOREVER give you the ANSWERS, they will be there, waiting, for when you are ready to RECEIVE, for when you are ready to listen! - Diane Quartly

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