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All too often, as a society, we are unwilling to see things from a different perspective. We are unwilling to MOVE in a direction we have not moved before. We become so comfortable where we are, even if that place is boredom or anger or sadness or grief or just not fun. We become so comfortable in our misery, because it FEELS familiar, that we remain there, stuck. At first, we feel sorry for ourselves for being there and after a time, we just go through the motions of life from that undesirable place. I challenge you to step into your courage, to be brave and DO something today to alter your perception, to CHANGE the course of YOUR thoughts, to become uncomfortable! I challenge YOU to make a change or a MOVE, big or little... I challenge YOU to step out of your comfort zone or even to JUMP out of your comfort zone and DO something else, anything else, DO something different, MOVE! Don't worry about moving away from what feels uncomfortable, don't waste your energy there, simply move TOWARDS something that feels better, focus FORWARD! What have you got to lose if you are unhappy to begin with? What have you got to GAIN? Just think about it. Just for a moment, take some time, just a moment, to imagine what the reality of your life COULD be if you just MOVE!

Diane Quartly

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