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Remeber To Ask For Signs

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

The last few weeks have been especially busy for me and I have been feeling a little drained; so the last couple of days, I have been meditating a little more, being a little more mindful of my thoughts… I asked Travis to send me a sign to let me know he’s around and helping me.  I asked him to send me a sign and I asked that he make it a “ramped up” one, something I couldn’t pass off as coincidence.  Well, let me tell you…he delivered BIG!

I did not have any readings booked Monday and I had planned to stay home that day to catch up on some housework and laundry.  My sister Donna was in High Prairie for a visit and so Sunday night, mom texted me to ask if I wanted to meet them for breakfast Monday morning at 8:30 am before she headed home.  I was happy to visit and I’m usually up early anyway, so getting there wasn’t a problem.  I thought I’d go for breakfast and then head home to do my housework.  Before breakfast was over, Arlen called to tell me a lady had called the office and was anxious to have me call her back, so I stopped in at the office on my way home and called her.  She basically went into hysterics as soon as she heard my voice.  Apparently, her husband had died just 10 weeks earlier and she was in a dark place.  After calming her down, which took about an hour, my energy was literally buzzing.  I decided at that point, to stick around the office for a while and get some work done, since I was already there.

A couple of hours later, just as I was about to leave, a pickup pulls up in front of the office.  A guy gets out that I don’t really know and I think he’s coming to apply for a job, however, once he walks into the office, I realize he is there to see me.  If you’ve read my book, About A Blue Angel, you’ve read about the fellow that approached Arlen and his parents a week or so after Trav’s funeral; here is the excerpt from the book:

“One evening after putting the boys to bed for the

night, Arlen told me about an incredible thing that had

happened that day. He met that afternoon with his parents

at a local restaurant for some coffee and a visit when an

acquaintance they knew, came over to sit with them. The

man seemed very agitated and all at once started to cry.

He told them that he had a dream a couple of nights

earlier and in the dream he saw a boy who he believes

was Travis. He said he didn’t recognize the boy at first

who was standing on a boulder wearing sweatpants,

running shoes and no shirt. The little boy was posing on

top of a boulder flexing his muscles like a body builder

would and said, “Tell my mommy and daddy that I’m

really strong now, my body is really strong.”

The man was visibly upset and said that he didn’t know

who the boy’s parents were until he saw Travis’ funeral

announcement in the newspaper the day before. He then

knew he had to come over and tell the story as soon as

he saw Arlen and his parents enter the restaurant. They

could tell it was an extremely hard thing for him to do.”

The man that came to see me was this man.  I had not talked to him, ever.

I sat in my office while he told me his story…

He said that he had been talking to his brother in law, and had asked him what he was reading. The brother in law told him he was reading a book called About a Blue Angel and went on to tell him what it was about.  This man then told his brother in law about the dream he had shared with Arlen.  Imagine his surprise when the brother in law told him that that story was in the book!

This man came into my office that Monday to tell me he always thought Arlen and his parents didn’t believe him and the story he told them that day, 18 years ago.  He said he was shocked, but happy to know that we not only remembered the story, but that we believed him!

I felt so bad that this man has spent the last 18 years thinking his message was forgotten or that we thought he was crazy for telling it.  I asked him to tell me about his dream, in person.  Apparently, he had this dream more than once and has remembered it visibly all these years.  I thanked him and told him how grateful I was to hear the story directly from him.

It gets better!  Just when he was getting ready to leave, he asked me if I knew what the numbers 222 meant.  I laughed because anyone who knows us or our story knows how significant the number 22 means to our family.  We discussed this a little and then I told him how double numbers can be a sign.  I said “for example, the last few day, I’ve been seeing the number 55 everywhere I look.  I haven’t figured it our yet, but I know it’s a sign.”  He looked at me with a bit of a shocked look, tears welling in his eyes and said that his birthday was the day before and he turned 55!

So, there you have it… 18 years after this incredible story, my dear and loving son managed to inspire me to go to work on a day I wasn’t planning to and also to inspire this man to stop in and tell his story!  It was a wonderful, BIG sign for me and an incredible “Happy Birthday” for this man!

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