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There are many people who are SENSITIVE to energy. Whether you are an adult or a child, being sensitive to the energy around you can be exhausting! If you've ever walked into a room and immediately FELT happy or sad or anxious or scared you have picked up on the energy of the room. If you walk up to someone and as soon as you start interacting or communicating with them your mood changes, you are picking up on or TUNING into THEIR energy. If you are scrolling through TV or social media and you feel your mood change, you are picking up on the energy of what you are connecting and engaging with. CHOOSE wisely! Understanding energy is important to your overall WELLNESS and realizing you have a CHOICE as to how you INTERACT with the different energies around you is invaluable! Your EMOTIONS are your guidance system; they let you know how you FEEL about what you are engaged in. Learning to control your emotions begins with YOU! YOU make the choice whether to ALLOW the energy to be absorbed by you, thus making it your energy or you can choose to OBSERVE the energy without allowing it to BECOME your energy! In truth, we are all sensitive to the energy around us. As an empath, you are CHOOSING to open up and allow the energy of others to affect YOU. I most often choose to OBSERVE, not absorb the energy of others because it is better for my overall wellbeing. What energies are you choosing to OBSERVE? What energies are you choosing to ABSORB? CHOOSE wisely; it matters, because YOU matter! - Diane Quartly

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