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About A Blue Angel

Balancing a typical busy life as a housewife with a hardworking husband and three small children, Diane Quartly had no idea how dramatically her life would change and where these changes would ultimately lead her.

This is an autobiographical story of her life, her challenges with a child who has a rare genetic disease, and a shocking tragedy no one expected. Then, through her determined questing for answers, her story takes a surprising turn into the spiritual and metaphysical realm where she is guided to the most amazing transformation and discoveries of all.

Her story is inspiring and genuinely uplifting, providing a message of encouragement and solace for anyone dealing with the loss of a loved one.

“I believe you will close this book after reading the final page with a sign and a smile, grateful that you took the time to get to know this family: I know I am.”
Cynthia Richmond, Author of Dream Power

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Diane Quartly is an Energy Interpreter who has done personal readings for hundreds of clients, has hosted numerous group readings and facilitates classes for both adults and children.   Diane lives and works with her husband in Northern Alberta and is the proud mother of three boys. She believes that reading, writing and attending workshops with like-minded people and being inspired by clients help her to continually grow and evolve.