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Diane has a GIFT!

In addition to being able to connect you with loved ones who have crossed over, Diane uses her intuitive guidance about things happening in your life today…


Angel in the Sand

During a private reading, Diane will connect you with loved ones who have crossed over.  In addition she will give you intuitive guidance which will be useful in your current situation.

Private Reading

Work with Diane in four separate coaching sessions to deepen your spiritual connection and your inner wisdom.  Overcome blocks and fears that may be holding you back. Learn how to motivate yourself so that you may become inspired to follow your divine spiritual path.

Individual Coaching

 Love, Create and Enjoy Your Life

Like each of us, Diane has had an amazing journey.

A journey which has brought her to where she is now in her life.

Diane is a loving wife and mother, successful business owner, writer and Energy Interpreter.


Yellow Angel

Diane offers the following classes

Energy Interpretation

Guided Group Meditations

Guided to Paint

Spirit Kids

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Classes and Events

About A Blue Angel

“Balancing a typical life as a housewife with a hardworking husband and three small children, Diane Quartly had no idea how dramatically her life would change and where these changes would ultimately lead her. This is an autobiographical story of her life, her challenges with a child who has a rare genetic disease, and a shocking tragedy no one expected. Then, through her determined questing for answers, her story takes a surprising turn into the spiritual and metaphysical realm where she is guided to the most amazing transformation and discoveries of all. Her story is inspiring and genuinely uplifting, providing a message of encouragement and solace for anyone dealing with the loss of a loved one.”

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In the News

Lighten Up - with Bonnie Wirth

Listen in as Diane is interviewed by Inspirational Speaker, and Self Empowerment Consultant, Bonnie Wirth on Empower Radio

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We Are All Energy, We Are All Connected to Source

I choose to be open and willing to let my intuition guide me. As humans, we all have a divine birthright to connect with God. As a Psychic, I allow myself to connect with Spirit, Angels, Arch Angels and Guides. As a Medium, I am blessed to be able to share and connect with loved ones who have crossed over. “My life is wonderful and I have a story of how I got to this place which is unlike any other, just as yours is!”


One of the hardest things about losing a child is to “remove” them from your life.The big things are done for you; the government “removes” your dependant child, healthcare “removes” your dependant child, but when it comes to signing your first Christmas card… this I found to be one of the hardest things to do.

My children were 8, 6 and 5 when the accident happened to take our beautiful boy home to heaven. At that time, I was either still signing the boys’ names to any cards I sent out to family and friends or tracing their hand print with their name in the middle.

I will never forget when I went to sign that first card. I wrote “Love, Arlen, Diane, Levi …” my hand froze.Love Arlen, Diane, Levi, Devon & TravAngel
How could I possibly just “remove” my son? How could I delete, eliminate, not write his name; like he didn’t exist? My solution to my mini meltdown was to draw a little angel where I would have put Trav’s name. That little angel became a symbol of Travis to me and my family from that day on.


I am so happy that I went to Diane for my first ever reading! I had heard how good she was from some of my friends who had seen her. I was very excited and had lots of questions. She immediately made me feel comfortable and explained “her gift”. She validated many of my questions, even without me asking them! I left with such a good feeling and sense of peace. I would definitely see her again and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to have a reading done.
I was very impressed with my reading from Diane. She told me a story that one of my past dogs had been barking outside her home all morning. At first, she thought it was theirs, but her husband had taken it to work with him. I had brought an older picture of a gentleman that I was wondering who he was. I knew it must be a relative, but didn’t know who. Upon seeing it, she told me it ws my dad’s mother’s grandfather. (I had thought it might be, but didn’t know which one), then she told me what letter his name started with. A for Andrew, then I knew. Also gave me some very good advice. I would highly recommend her to anyone.
Diane is a special person. Her ability to connect with the spirit world is so incredible. For me, the experience brought an overshelming sense of warmth to my heart and energy to my soul. Everyone has there own unique spiritual journey. I have a feeling that as time goes on and I look back, Diane will have a profound impact in my journey. She brings healing and peace but also a new way to look at the world. Thanks for sharing your light with me.

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